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集成 and add-ons which work with simPRO to simplify your business processes.


simPRO与您的业务一起成长. Choose from a wide range of add-ons and 集成 to gain even greater functionality when and where your business needs it.






操作维护手册 If you spend a lot of time gathering the information to create your operation and maintenance manuals, Dokkit有一个库博电竞. 只需从simPRO导入您的工作, verify the information and create your pdf document ready to download in minutes. Use our standard templates – based on the BSRIA best practice guides - or create your own. 集成 希望在simPRO中充分利用您的数据? Dokkit帮助企业创建定制的客户门户网站, integrate with other organisations like housing authorities and extend the systems capabilities to create solutions specific to how your company and industry works. “如果你用的是simPRO而不是dokit, you’re missing out on one of the best 集成 and time-saving tools available!罗伯·爱德华兹——BGE数字公司 Dokkit is committed to bringing information technology-based efficiencies to construction and service projects and their stakeholders, engaging in a highly collaborative process with customers to ensure every product and service addresses key industry issues.



关于集成 This integration allows simPRO users to easily add emails as notes to customers, 领导, 报价和工作, 不需要离开Gmail屏幕. 一旦添加到您的谷歌Chrome浏览器, simPRO automatically recognises the email sender if their contact information is saved in simPRO. 对该公司 Gmail是谷歌提供的免费电子邮件服务.



对该公司 Groundplan is a cloud-based takeoff software tool that allows you to measure, quantify and connect the systems you use to create comprehensive estimates.关于集成 Groundplan uses the simPRO API to allow users of both platforms to push estimates from Groundplan into simPRO, 让您轻松地确定投标文件.



对该公司 Link4 is a platform that allows users to receive and send invoices directly between systems, 而不需要电子邮件或pdf文件. 关于集成 The simPRO and Link4 integration allows for simPRO customers to instantly receive invoices from 供应商 who also use Link4. 这减轻了对电子邮件或PDF发票的需求, saves time on manual entry and can take the pressure off accounts receivable.



对该公司 Opsivity is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of Field Operations 支持 via a mobile app and collaboration platform that transforms how support is delivered to your field teams. 关于集成 Access a 360 degree view of all technician activities in one place and connect support tickets to jobs and work orders. 在Opsivity中创建支持票后, use the integration to track details and create a task in the related job or work order in simPRO. The task can be used to request support from a SME within your organisation. 从那里,可以在simPRO中查看所有支持活动. And, when the Opsivity ticket is resolved, the task status is updated in simPRO. Train, upskill and retain your technicians and their knowledge with Opsivity.



对该公司 甲骨文公司NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform is a comprehensive offering of cloud-based products, development tools and services designed to help customers and commercial software developers take advantage of the significant economic benefits of cloud computing. 基于NetSuite, the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, SuiteCloud enables customers to run their core business operations in the cloud, and software developers to target new markets quickly with newly-created mission-critical applications built to extend the power of NetSuite and unlock further growth for NetSuite customers. 关于集成 A financial management integration to support business strategy and growth. Use the integration between simPRO and NetSuite to scale for growth, 优化效率,做出明智的决定. 通过传递包括客户在内的关键信息, 供应商, 支付, 发票和信用, your field service business can develop a deeper understanding of your financial performance.



关于集成 通过simPRO和前景的集成, 用户可以很容易地在simPRO中创建新的线索和添加客户. 他们还可以很容易地将电子邮件附加到客户的卡片上, 领导, 报价和工作,而不离开前景.一旦集成安装完成, simPRO automatically recognises the email sender in 前景 if their information is saved within the build.对该公司 Microsoft 前景 is a Microsoft application that is used mainly to send and receive emails. It can also be used to manage various types of personal data including calendar appointments and similar entries, 任务, 联系人, 和笔记.



This integration allows you to utilize the catalog 项目 and pre-builds from simPRO to calculate accurate take-offs and estimates for jobs and projects. 当您起飞后, data is sent back to simPRO as a quote ready for your customer’s approval. PlanSwift is a desktop software solution that allows you to quickly point and click to calculate take-offs for simple or complex areas, 项目, 长度, 卷和周边.



对该公司 讲台上是一个收集在线评论的工具, 与客户沟通,赢得更多的机会. 关于集成 Use the integration between simPRO and 讲台上 to generate an automated text requesting a review for your business when a job is completed. 您还可以自动发送反馈请求, 约会提醒,甚至自定义消息.



关于集成 这种集成允许您发送重要数据, 比如你的客户, supplier and contractor invoices directly from simPRO to QuickBooks with a few clicks.It allows you to seamlessly manage both the operational and financial side of your business in a streamlined way. 对该公司 QuickBooks是一个基于云的管理平台, 产品服务于个体经营者的需求, 小型企业, 会计和簿记员.



simplum - Complementary to simPRO 初级课程提供了一系列有用的集成,包括: Simple Certs - Faster completion of certificates and forms without data duplication Instantly generate forms and certificates from the data in simPRO without double data entry. Simple Certs allows you to create custom and industry standard forms and certificates for a range of field service businesses including gas, 电, 消防安全及更多. 本产品: Eliminates the chance of discrepancies between simPRO and your certificates and forms 包括动态文本框,可调整其大小以适应输入的数据, 这意味着没有切断文本或小字体 Gives you the power to customise with your logo, branding and colours 语音- simPRO集成电话系统 Automatically record calls and save them into the customer contact in simPRO with Voice. You can also call customers directly from their contact in simPRO with one click and detect incoming callers and their contact record. 本产品: 使浏览客户历史变得容易 节省时间,无需打印笔记 确保服务质量,保护您免受争议 改善客户体验 Pro Post -快速创建服务提醒信 Produce bulk service reminder letters for clients with your colours and branding. 本产品: Allows you to set a date range for client assets due for service in simPRO 与相关资产生成服务提醒信, name and address; either in bulk or individually 确保服务质量,保护您免受争议 Saves you time by eliminating cumbersome mail merge or copy-pasting from simPRO



关于集成 广场 offers an electronic point of sale hardware that allows businesses to accept 支付 anywhere in the field.Take advantage of 广场’s affordable POS hardware for tap and go 支付, 或者手动输入卡详细信息以进行安全处理.建立简单的工具来增强和丰富人们, 广场 is committed to making 支付 easy for anyone with an idea they believe they can make a living from.它们方便了电子支付, 为支付处理和其他业务工具提供硬件.



关于集成 SyncEzy will help you take the automation of your business to the next level. 安装简单, you can quickly connect the most common functions of your multiple business software to perform common 任务 automatically with simPRO. CRM Infusionsoft Mailchimp的 Salesforce Zoho CRM 嗨页面CRM HubSpot的 PropertyMe 工资 鑫元鸿工资 任务管理 包围 体式 TSheets Pipedrive 存储 Dropbox 一个驱动器 谷歌驱动 Sharepoint 对该公司 SyncEzy is a small company that loves helping customers of all sizes create Integration solutions. 库博电竞的客户和员工遍布世界各地, they specialize in providing deep 集成 with select software solutions.



Take the stress out of calculating sales tax for your simPRO 报价和工作由Taxify的税率和规则的最新数据库提供动力, the integration makes it easy to calculate and apply sales tax to your simPRO job and quotes. The one-click calculation takes just seconds and ensures you apply the right sales tax estimates, 每一次.



TSheets is a time tracking software tool that employees of simPRO customers can use to clock in or out with ease. This integration allows users to automatically create detailed jobs in TSheets from simPRO jobs, 与所有的部门和成本中心的信息. 然后, users can accurately record time against every minute detail in jobs, 部分, 和成本中心.TSheets is a time tracking software established in 2006 enabling businesses to track time with ease.



关于集成 节省交叉引用事务的时间, 消除手工数据输入,保持财务准确. 集成允许您发布事务, 工时表和卡片文件信息直接从simPRO到鑫元鸿, 一个真正的端到端操作管理库博电竞. 对该公司 鑫元鸿 is a cloud-based accounting software used in over 50 countries. 鑫元鸿使企业主能够将日常业务任务自动化, 获得实时财务和经营业务,从任何地方,任何时间.



关于集成 The simPRO Zapier integration eliminates double handling of data and automatically triggers events between systems. Use our pre-made Zap Templates to start automating your processes now.对该公司 Zapier is a cloud based platform that allows end users to integrate multiple web applications they use through automations called ‘Zaps’.



关于集成 zzBots enables you to integrate simPRO and other applications such as PlanSwift, 谷歌日历, Trello, WordPress, 前景 and more so you can create bespoke automations for workflows. 对该公司 zzBots is an automation software that allows you to integrate your apps and automate your business.


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